Selling my FLIR b2 $3200 buy it now on ebay

I bought this for my pest control business but I realized this would be better for termites other than sub, which is what we have in our area so I have no use for it. It is in great shape and has everything with it, nice case, 2 batteries, charger, manual, cd, and sun visor. Anyway it is at with a 3200 dollar buy it now

Wow $100 shiipping?

Yeah, I want to overnight it insured, less chance of it getting damaged. I could do it for less but I would not be responsible for it once it left my hands.

Do you all think this is a fair price for this camera? I would like for it to be sold by today, make me an offer, I have to pay some bills, and I take paypal.

I just sold a BCAM SD (a better camera) for quite a bit less. You have to let go of the notion of what you feel its worth based on what you paid for it. These cameras depreciate faster than a Hyundai.

The trick to achieving maximum ROI is to throw it around while you own it. I could have run my BCAM over with my truck and still turned a hefty profit from it.

I paid $5700 new. Made around $17K revenue from it, then sold it for I think $1900-ish (can’t remember exactly)

Heck…you can buy a brand new BCAM SD with a warranty for around that price. That camera is barely worth $1200 IMO.

I’ll give you $1,800 for it tomorrow.