ICC Boot Camps in October

We are changing the format of our seminars starting in October. They will focus on all four categories for Residential Certification.

North Atlanta 10-12-2006
South Atlanta 10-13-2006
Macon, Ga 10-14-2006

These classes will be limited to 20 people.
For more information visit our web site.


Hi to all,

Greg and Joe, what a great course I throughly enjoyed the Tampa class on Saturday 9th.

I obviously have a reasonably good knowledge of IRC codes but the study methods that the course teaches, in particular the ACE based study tools are great.

Congrats guys.

If the course is coming to a location near you, and you have an interest in expanding your knowledge base this is a “must attend event”



I still would like to know how far west y’all gonna come ? :nosy:

To the Pacific Ocean.

Thanks Gerry,

I must say that I was a little nervous with having the most famous educator in Nachi sitting in the front row.

You were worried ??? I was scared to death you guys were going to fail me on the test exams :wink: