2006 ICC Boot Camp

Orlando 3-10-2007

Fort Lauderdale 3-17-2007

For more info please visit the link.


Hi to all,

As many Floridian members who I have spoken to over the last 10 days are aware I currently have some major oportunities available for ICC certified home inspectors.

I cannot stress how important I think these certifications are to our FL members.

For those who have or are planning to get ICC certification soon, please contact me directly and I will add you to my database of Code Certified inspectors.



Greg, reminder. Posting something here does not guarantee that staff will catch it and advertise. Always email me so I can put it in www.nachi.org/whats_new.htm on our home page www.nachi.org and in www.nachi.org/events.htm and email it to all our members.

I’m on it. But in the future, email fastreply@nachi.org also.

The 17th is the weekend of Inspection Universe in Orlando.

Why would you want to waste your money going to Inspection Universe?

Free clothes (T shirts) and cheap pens, why else?:wink:

Chance to win the Hummer.


Education –

I will buy the Hummer if I need it

Right now looks a little weighted to air quality for sort of a high $$ – and remember I live with in driving distance

At this time do not plan to go – might go just for one day but up in the air at this time


Was just a thought…

I dont want to go, but I am already committed

Greg or Joe B,

When and where is the next bootcamp?