Ice Damming

Can anyone help with ice damming pics I need some for some comparisons for some Realtors.

If you can help thanks in advance

I am looking for actual pics you guys and gals have taken.
No literature. thanks

Here’s some for ya.




Thanks Dave

Keep them coming if you cold weather guys have any.


email me and i will send you a few… easier than posting…

Google pix and diagrams

Barry, this is the only ice damming in Texas that came up.

Marcel :wink: :slight_smile:

that’s why i sent the google link, wouldn’t know one if it fell on me :shock: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
y’all have to put up with some wicked $hit


Only real men go up on these roofs to hack away at the ice and remove it …or was that …real stupid men???

and they make a bundle doing it too!:mrgreen:

Hey Barry;

This is what it looks like;

This is the south side of my house after I shoveled the roof and as you see, I try to leave like 3" so not to damage my roofing.

Look at the gutter where it melts and piles up, that is the start of the dam. From there it usually gets worse.

This is the same south side on the neighbors house and his gutters are full and icicles are about two feet long.
He is getting aided help in the melting from heat loss.

My north side is fine and the next door neighbor is full of icicles.
Had pictures, but deleted them.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

thanks for the education, i’ll stick to mowing the grass and watering the pool after evaporation take place.
you northerners must like to work, A LOT :wink:
Dale, Brian, and others just have to sweep/vac some dust occasionally :mrgreen:

Gain weight, drink beer, lounge on the pool side, drink beer.
Sounds like a boring life.

Here you learn to walk on roofs, snow, no problem.

You should see what we have to do in the Spring, like taking everything you own, back out on the lawns and the porch, clean it and it never ends.

Man some people have it easy vacumming the pool for Cr#st sake.

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My turn to educate we don’t use a vacuum for the pool they invented these a long time ago Polaris all one has to remember is to empty the bag occasionally :wink:

Thanks Barry, wouldn’t have known, and if I decide to install a pool that I can use for a Month ha. ha. I will ask you for advice on those little robots. :wink:

See, we all learn.

Damn, this BB is good. Now I can inspect pools, right? ha. ha.

Ok, no beer, no weight, what do you do besides swim around the pool with the misses? I know, Shopping. :wink:

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I know, Shopping. :wink:

What language do y’all speak? I think you misspelled or are mispronouncing it.

This is where I got my certification for inspecting pools and spas here

Very intensive training 2 practice tests and 3 tests must be passed before certs are issued…I guess that’s because peoples lives are at stake

All commercial units apts, hotels, gyms, spas, munis have to be certified by someone…works for me

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Sorry about the thread drift Troy. Got carried away.

Shoot away and sure we will get back on track. O:)

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Visit my web site for a link and picture of ice damming . P. Szymanski P.T.S. Home Inspection

Here are some pics of ice dams in Ottawa, Canada. These are less than two months old. Hope this helps!


Typical ice-dam damage:

Gutter - Damaged by ice dam.jpg