Flashing/soffits/ice dams

New roof install & there is no visible flashing for the metal chimney.
Is there one below the shingles that I cant see?

A ridge vent was cut but there are no soffit vents at the west side of home & by the accumulation of ice damming at the east side I do not beleive they cut any openings at the continuos soffit vents.

I called for adding proper soffit vents & to improve the homes insulation to get rid of the ice dams dammit!! I like saying DAM.

Also they didnt install a soffit at the newly constucted garage.


I did note that the gutter is improperly sloped. And there are some exposed fastners at the ridge cap.

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What do you want to know?

Ice damming is an “act of god” in your area.

If you want to solve this issue, go to Vermont and look at their roofs.

In this weather, it is happening everywhere.

To my recollection, action to prevent ice damming is only required where the ambient outdoor temp is 28 degrees for the winter months.

I disagree. Ice damming is from improper insulation & ventilation.

I had severe ice damming at my home. I had my house professionaly insullated & increased my soffit ventilation. The roof stays snow covered & my gutters are free of ice. I can go down the steet & tell who’s homes are properly insulated & ventilated.

I can see the rafter outline in snow of the improper ones & ice damming.

People think that if they have a new roof installed there will be no ice damming.


Ditto here, too.

We went to the grocery this morning and my wife has learned to tell the difference between insulated roofs and the other kind. She is beginning to observe little things about a house as we’re driving now. Lots of snow, but some roofs were clean–on the north side–and she finally understands ice damming.

Isn’t it amazing how long it takes our wifes to notice what we have been doing all our life’s. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

My wife is a data base administrator and I still haven’t figured out what she’s doing. All I know is she’s good at it…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

My wife works nights, wears short skirts and a lot of make-up. I wonder what see does…

I just rambled on another post regarding the ventilation so I won’t here…I will state that no one will fix or spend money anything they cannot understand, cannot see or isn’t causing them pain.

Why wasn’t this a problem in the good old days…it was they just didn’t know it. Attics weren’t insulated, window leaked air and they went to a little building out back with a lantern and no magazine.

Times have changed, building has changed but the mindset for people has not…if it aint broke don’t fix it…until you really have to…and then do it cheap.

My wife doen’t care what I do as long as I bring home a pay check!!!