Ice melt on roof?

The roof of the house inspected today had icemelt thrown up onto the valley. Does anybody know about any adverse effects to the shingles from introducing ice melt?

The roof is only 2 yrs old.




I would document the indications of ice damming, evident from steps taken by home owner.


Have you ever seen what that stuff does to cement. I’m sure you’ll be able to find information on is corrosive properties.
good luck

If you found ice-melt on roofing shingles, I’m sure it wasn’t there for looks. The homeowner placed that there because there were problems on the under-side.

What did this area look like inside the house or in the attic cavity?

Either way; As already stated, put this observation in your report.

Pure salt should be used, too late, it should be cleaned off ASAP, low pressure garden hose…no pressure washers, no other chemicals.

Don’t forget to note the real problem, ice dam.

And the clearance between the siding and roofing material is to close.