Identifying hose bibb valves

So I’ve recently gotten licensed and have started subcontracting for another inspector. We’ve started doing split inspections so I can get some experience without doing the whole home myself. I’m using his inspection software which is Home Inspector Pro. I’m having a difficult time understanding one section however. In the laundry section of the software it asks me to identify the hose bibb valve connected to the washer machine. It gives me a few options to pick from mainly rotary, ball, gate and multiport valves but when I try to research this to find out more about how to identify these valves I don’t come up with much. So im asking you guys. How can I tell what valve is in a hose bibb? I don’t know if this picture i screen shot will come through but this is the software. Also sorry if I’m not explaining this correctly im alittle confused about all this so please don’t hesitate to ask me for clarification.

You should ask your employer as he/she is the one that created the Narratives for the Template, and if they are not clear, they should be corrected. You may not have the same understanding of design and function as your employer does.

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The type of a valve for a laundry hook up adds no value to the inspection report and it is outside the SOP. I have no idea why your employer thinks this is important enough to mention. Incorrectly identify the valve and you now have an error in your report.


Martin, I was scratching my head on this one too. Didn’t know if it was just a “throw it all out there” template some softwares do, or if it was added. If added, way beyond the SOP.


Right. Keep it simple.


I can’t imagine where that information would add any real value to a home inspection report.


I agree. Identifying valve types has never been in any of my reports, and never will be.


I agree with Christopher.

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Kinda leads me into another question I kind of been pondering for a bit. What sort of things do you guys put in your reports in terms of identifying materials? For example on my software I have to put the materials of the bathroom tub and the surround as well as the flooring and counter tops. Thanks for all the replies by the way. You guys are awesome.

It’s your template, adjust it as necessary for your locality and state. Although, I have no idea why anyone would want to know the type of valve in the laundry room, except to prove they actually looked at it or remind them to look at it? Then it should just be a checkbox.

It takes enough time to document the required items, not sure why you would want to add more items that could only lead to more unecessary questions. If you are sharing your partners software, which you would prob have to in order to generate a full report, then I’d ask him.

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All my software asks is if the valves/lines are leaking/in good condition.