If America adopts this 4-day work week thing, the wealth gap is going to explode

I’m starting to think that it’s designed to keep the poor, even poorer.


If America doesn’t take our country back from the globalist commies (demonicrats and rinos) that are mostly in control right now, we (America) will be lost forever.

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Too late I fear. It’s gone already. Just how far into the abyss is all that’s up for consideration


If companies are paying workers so little—or designing schedules that avoid the requirements of full-time employment—that their workers must depend on public assistance, are taxpayers subsidizing low wages and high corporate profits?

How Big Food Corporations Take Advantage of SNAP - Union of Concerned Scientists.

The Wealth Gap, although real, is something the media loves to exploit to create an US vs Them mentality in America—and in my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth! I, as with most people, have certainly had times in my life when there wasn’t much money left over after paying my bills—so I kept working hard and trying to make things easier for myself and my family. Now I call myself rich (my definition of rich is: I can go get anything I want (fortunately, I don’t want a yacht or a Ferrari, cause if I did, I couldn’t go get it—and more importantly, I would no longer be rich because I’d want something I couldn’t go get!).

Anyway, I don’t know one successful person that wants to keep anyone down—all my successful friends want to help people find success; but to listen to the media, you would think it’s an exclusive club that they don’t want anyone else to join (A Big Fat Lie!).

I do believe there are Politicians that reap benefits by keeping people down and continuing to get their votes under the auspices of fighting for more giveaways and higher wages (but it’s the business owners that will have to provide the higher wages or tax monies to provide this, not the politicians).

The tough part of this equation for me is that too often the folks in poverty BELIEVE that the Business Owners/Managers are the enemy, when really they are the folks that want to help them out ( (no doubt they want to improve their own business at the same time, but what’s wrong with that?) And the media rarely gives the “haves” the credit for helping people improve their lot in life.

Without doubt, people such as Jeff Bezos have helped far more people than any politician, yet we demonize him for providing the opportunities the politicians offer, but don’t deliver.

I think there are plenty of solutions for individuals here in America, but the solution to the misinformation campaign is a little more difficult. Others may have different opinions, and I don’t think my opinion is the “End All”., but it’s mine.

I’ll tell you the basic but miraculous math that made me rich:

If you work 40 hours a week and the money you make from working 39.5 of those hours is used to live on, then you are working a half an hour each week to get ahead.

If you work 60 hours a week and the money you make from working 39.5 of those hours is used to live on, then you are working 20.5 hours each week to get ahead.

20.5 is 41 Times 0.5! That means the person working 60 hours a week is growing their wealth 41 times faster than the person working 40 hours a week. 41 times faster!

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