Idiot Alan Grayson proposes that everyone be paid less and forced to take vacation.

If employers are forced to give employees paid vacations, they’ll just pay employees a little less to make up for each employee working less over the course of the year. The cost to hire you (in some combination of money and benefits) isn’t going to increase. Why force the employee to take less money and more benefits?

Most employers will let you take time off, unpaid, anyway… if that is what you want.

Some of those Grayson forced-out/locked-out employees will moonlight (usually for less money/hour) because they want the money instead of the vacation time.

Now they’d probably rather be working for their regular employer and getting paid more, and their employer would also probably rather have the employee working for them, instead of moonlighting… but Alan Grayson would make that choice (between consenting adults) illegal.

Why doesn’t Grayson propose that everyone be forced to take 6 months vacation a year, and get paid 1/2 as much?

Better yet, why doesn’t Grayson propose that everyone be forced to take 12 months vacation a year, and not get paid at all, ever.

What a total idiot this guy is.

Typical politcian attempting to make himself look good, for the betterment of people, so he can get elected again. As with most laws being written, it’s worthless. The heavy hand of government is sweeping, and not in a good way.

I work nearly every waking hour, because I like to and want to. It’s none of a politician’s business what an employee and employer negotiate between themselves in terms of compensation and benefits in return for the employee’s services.

He must be running for Senior Class President. That is the same kinds of stupid *** promises and proposals they used to make. i.e. no dress code, every Friday off and 2 hour lunches. Unattainable and detrimental to success. He is a world class asshat.

Grayson likes his job and has decided that populist views will let him keep it.

I hope enough people in his district see him for the sham he is.

I wonder what the unions are saying about him.

Guess he hasn’t been keeping up with his internationsl news lately:roll:

Let’s hope is grasp of what is important to American voters is every bit as accurate.

Thankfully he lost on Tuesday.

All lawmakers, state, county, city, national, better take notice. The American public is not stupid. They are trying to make us think we are by false media, and useless laws.

The last elections were as close to a national revolution as we have ever had in decades. Just wait until 2012.

I like the song played on the radio this afternoon: the song was “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel but the name was changed to “Pelosi”. Hilarious.