If anyone can help me I need a little help with this service entry line

I’ve looked at a ton of service entry lines for some reason this one does not appear to look right and I can’t pinpoint why if anyone has a fresh set of eyes and could give me a little bit of help I would appreciate it

It appears to be a 200 amp system the drop appears to be undersized

Thanks Natasha

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Natasha, one screw in insulator ia about ready to come out. As far as the splices go, that is the POCO area, not the home owner’s but a call o the POCO to fix the screwed in insulator would be prudent by the seller or client…but someone. Get it in your report to recommend the POCO is called to make corrections.

The drop can be much smaller because it is in open air and that helps cool it so I think that is okay.

POCO = Power Company


Morning, Natasha.
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1: POCO/SEC cables and splices.
Observation: (Suspect) Worn POCO SEC jacket. POCO Cables have been taped.
Missing plastic splice insulators. SEC Splices have been taped with what appears to be electrical tape.
Recommend: A licensed electrical installation and service contractor review the SEC cable splices.
Act upon any referrals offered.
Limitation: Inspected from the grounds. Images taken using a xxx Point & Shoot camera.
Hope that helps.

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