I'll be in Weston tomorrow.

Then Miami on Thursday. Meeting with a few members in FL this week. Hope to get a tan.

Forecast to rain all week Nick. Keep your fingers crossed. Is this an impromptu meeting Nick or is it a planned meeting?


I’ll be in Lakeland from Tuesday thru Saturday.

Check out the Stucco work :slight_smile:

I did about 60 to 70% of all the Arvida work out there.

You have picked one hot time of the year. If you get bored let me know and you can crawl some attics with me :slight_smile: Put that license to work.

I’m helping a member on a couple inspections. I’ll leave my down-filled coat at home.

I will be in cancun on friday. :slight_smile:

Must be nice.:wink:

Don’t drink the water… don’t breath the air. :stuck_out_tongue:

Needed a break, been busy.

I won’t drink the water, but I will have to breath the air. :slight_smile:

Get some bottom time for me:D

I’ll be washing the boat Friday…come on by!