Any chance of a Florida ride-along?

Flying into Orlando on March 3rd. Hoping one of my Florida InterNACHI brothers can take me on an inspection to see how they’re done down south. Promise to keep my mouth closed and carry tools/get coffee after.
The plan is to drop my wife and daughter at a mall or something and get myself educated. Any takers?

If you don’t mind taking a ride to St. Petersburg.

Hi Dan,

Give me a call when your in town, I’m in the Orlando area and I’ll bring you on a ride along (or 2). I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

How long will you be in town that week?


Thanks guys, I’ll be in Florida just over a week. I am planning to get to St. Petes sometime as I have relatives to visit there but will probably be spending most of my time in Orlando. Don’t think my wife will let me slip away for more than one ride but we’ll see…

Gee I love the NACHI inspectors doing things like this is fantastic .

Not sure if I will be booked that week but if I am your more than welcome.

If they want to spend the day at the beach, I can show you the Space Coast, Multi-inspector team approach.

Don’t give away all the secrets. :smiley:

@Daniel: Super smart move to totally justify your portion otf the trip as ‘for business purposes’.

Take good notes and file them in case of audit. You will be bullet proof!

Thanks for all the offers. When I get there, I’ll phone so we can set it up.
I really appreciate it and next time you guys are in Red Deer make sure to give me a call and I’ll try and return the favour.

No harm in a tax deduction…that’s why they have them…

Great hanging with you the other day…We have to do that more often.