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From today’s inspection. 1947 home, 2x4 rafters, few vertical braces, 1x8 T&G decking, original wood shingles, one (maybe two) composition shingle layers, 1x4 sleepers, standing rib tin roof. I think I heard the attic framing groaning. :roll: BTW, asking price? $479K and it was sold!

At least they know what they’re getting. That’s what we do. They use the information however they want.

I too am surprised, sometimes, at who buys what for how much but there is a buyer out there for every property.

Michael, what language did you use to report the issue?

English, why? :roll:

Actually, the astute buyer (he’s a lawyer and this will be his townhouse and offices) was already ahead of me. He already had a roofer and a remodeling contractor by to look at several things, one being the roof. So, I didn’t feel as compelled as I might have to impress upon him the risk that might be inherent in the existing roof. Here’s what I put in the report:*Roof Covering: *
*The metal (tin) roofing has been installed over one or more layers of composition shingles, the original wood shingles and the original decking. Although the quality of metal roofing materials and installation is questionable the roof does appear to be functioning as intended, i.e. there were no obvious roof leaks at the time of the inspection. [FONT=Arial][size=2]I recommend the client consult further with a qualified roofer to determine if any repairs or preventative action is warranted at this time. Note: I understand the client has already consulted with a roofer and has a plan in place to address any issues. *

Roof Structure & Attic:
*The original attic construction was not designed for the load currently presented by the added roofing layers. I recommend the client consult with a qualified remodeler or roofer to further investigate the attic support to determine if added purlins and vertical braces are needed. *

I like it. :smiley:

Sounds like a special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun kinda house to me.