I'll personally pay for 1/2 your ADRS membership. You pay only $45 when you join now.

For a limited time, I will pay for 1/2 of your 2009 membership in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service. That means you pay only $45 for a year of coverage.

About ADRS: http://www.nachiadrs.com/

That’s right.

Just put “Nick pays half” in the application.

ADRS is the best kept program in the industry. Mediation and Arbitration exclusively for home inspectors.

Especially in these lean times, when some inspectors have foregone E&O, this is a GREAT deal for a GREAT service.

And, perhaps, the best-kept secret . . .
Although, as you & Nick both know, I encourage ADRS to everyone I speak with!

Thanks to you both!

ADRS makes sense.

I would rather have Joe Farsetta in my corner in a frivilous claim situation than to have an insurance company pushing it into a settlement to save itself from defense fees.

Just wondering…

Has the ADRS been used very often?

It’s pretty effective.

I don’t know how often it’s been used. But definitely worth $45!

Joe’s not in the tank for HIs, however. If you made a mistake, expect him to say so.

The benefit of ADRS is it will get rid of a lot of claims that really are not legitimate.

Some claimants cannot be deflected, however, no matter how unmeritorious their claims may be.

That’s life in the big city.

Does this offer apply to Canada, as well?

Yes, for Canada as well.

Thanks for the kudos Joe. Right back at ya!

great offer. :slight_smile:

I would not leave the home without it!
I recommend it highly.

I guess it is about time I get around to this and at half price it’s a steal. Watch for my app/check in the mail Joe.