Inspection Arbitration Services, only $90/year for InterNACHI members.


[FONT=Verdana][size=3]**The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) and Inspection Arbitration Services (IAS) are pleased to announce continued discounted memberships to Inspectors who formerly subscribed to NACHIADRS. NACHIADRS memberships will automatically transfer to Inspection Arbitration Services, effective immediately. **[/size][/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana][size=3]**IAS offers enhanced services to its clients, including low-cost and effective mediation and arbitration services to its subscriber base. Inspection Arbitration Services has expanded its offerings to include all industry inspectors specializing in residential and commercial endeavors, regardless of association affiliation. InterNACHI members will still enjoy the steepest discounted membership rates currently offered in the industry. Where typical membership costs a subscriber $150 per year, InterNACHI members pay just $90. **[/FONT][/size]

[size=4]Nick (or Joe), clearify please


Nothing to clarify, Jeff.

Those who subscribed to NACHIADRS are automatically now covered by IAS.

Non-members can expect to pay$150 where InterNACHI members continue to pay just $90 per annum to subscribe (for now).

IAS has morphed to a non-association specific service.

It has also moved from employing home inspectors who serve as arbitrators/mediators to a larger pooll of qualified neutrals from the inspection, construction, and contract management fields. This way, no one can ever complain that a decision was pre-disposed in favor of an InterNACHI member, or that a decision gainst a homeowner was pre-disposed because the neutral has an axe to grind as an inspector.

We have also moved away from assigning a neutral to hear a case, to the plaintiff and defendant choosing a neutral via process of elimnation.

Maybe its time for you to take the plunge, Jeff. Dinner and a movie costs more than what we charge InterNACHI members for the service.

I’ve renewed annually for this service but have never received confirmation of my subscriptions other than a paypal receipt. Will this announcement be formally sent out to current subscribers or will it be simply relied upon for this message board posting as notice of the changes?

Now do you see the contradiction?

I sleep better having this service. Thanks Joe.

It’s better than E&O in many regards, but specially in the sense where E&O promotes and encourages frivilous claims, this service actually discourages them.



You are covered. Your PayPal receipt assures your subscription.


Thank you


I fail to understand your point, as you are a non-subscriber. There is no contradiction. If you had subscribed to NACHIADRS you are automatically covered under IAS. Same essential service with a different name, and a broader spectrum.

Thanks Joe.
So is there now a different clause or wording we need to change in our contracts due to the change in names and service?


Change the reference from NACHIADRS to Inspection Arbitration Services, and substitute to

Other than that, it is seamless. Either way, you are covered no matter what.

So, if I am not a former subscriber, I am not able to get that discount? Am I understanding that correctly?

Scott if your a NACHI member it’s always $90. If your not then the price goes up. That’s how I understand it.

Billy’s correct. NACHI guys and gals pay $90.

If you are currently subscribed to the old ADRS, then you are automatically covered by IAS

Just to be clear…INACHI members pay $90/yr (for now) plus someone pays $300/complaint plus office expenses…right?

And to also further clarify. Office expenses includes

Additional fees my be applied for copying, shipping/mailing, conference calls, telephone calls, other legal fees, notifications and other related administrative services.

Guess that these costs would pale in comparsion to an E&O deductible of 5k.

Again this is how I understand it. $90 a year then $300 if a claim is made. Richard do you carry E&O?

By the way it’s a great service guys. I’m signing up as soon as I get back from IRAQ.

Richard & I both carry E&O, it’s required in Texas. Someone would have to explain the details of how arbitration could take the place of E&O though.


Its a FANTASTIC service. We have also been compiling documents and data which we will likel be assembling into a monthly newsletter for those who subscribe.

Let me tell you this… I just finished crafting an article on the heels of the analysis of a case, where the decision in favor of an inspector in lower court was later reversed on appeal. The reasone were eye openng, and affect all of us. I dissected the case and summarized why the courts did what they did. I’ll also tell you that once you read it, you will review your inspection agreement and some business operations, for sure.

As far as the service is concerned… YES, it’s $90 for NACHI members. Some rules of evidence will require hard copies, as will other legal dosuments, so the costs of mailings are, naturally not included. Same goes for copies. The complaning party pays the up-front costs which go to our neutrals.

Great service…