Illinois and Chicago spring housing markets up 11.5 percent

Chicago RE is red hot this spring.

Home Prices Nearing Their Peak

Illinois Workforce Shrinks

I see the same article in KC. I bet the same article is in other cities also. Put out by people who are trying to jump-start home sales, but it is truly not working. New home sales here are down 18%.

I think sales are higher than they say.
Volume plus larger properties as well.Seems like everyone is investing in income property now in days.
Economy is booming here with all sorts of new retail popping up everywhere despite the high taxes people seem determined to live in Chicago.

My area near O’Hare has been developing like gangbusters as well thanks to Rosemont .
Forced myself to take the day off so I can go to a concert tonight but doing a 2015 4500 sq foot home 5 minutes away tomorrow and been booking up for the week in advance the last 6 weeks or so.