Illinois CE news

Posted per Nick:

Another CE course has been approved by the state of Illinois, Thermal Imaging for Home Inspectors.

We now have enough hours, In Illinois (and Dave Nice has it approved in Wisconsin and Ken Jones has it approved in Indiana) to have NACHI inspectors in Illinois be able to complete their entire licence CE requirement for less that $100. Before it was over $780, from courses given by other associations and vendors.

The Chicago Chapter, under the leadership of its new President, Jeff Merritt and Education Coordinator, Pat Bolliger, is working on more classes.

Hope this helps;

I’m regestered for the FLIR Building Science Cert class for 8/14-8/17 at EXCELON in Maywood. Which trainer will give me better kick for the $$$. FLIR for $1650 for 3.5 days or CHICAGO NACHI Training. Feedback please.

Two different courses. The Illinois CE course will not provide any type of thermography certification. It will, however, give you some valuable concepts that will make the cert course easier to understand and pass.

Linus, you are a chapter member and can take the course for state cE for very little money. But that would only give you state CE and a basic understanding. My take would be that the FLIR cert course is pretty much required so you know enough not to get yourself in trouble.

Two different things with two different purposes.

Hope this helps;

I have 30+ hours this year already and look forward to your class, I need the pros from FLIR to guide me and train me in the use of their instruments and how to fine tune them to meet my needs and my clients needs.

So when will this class take place Will?

I’ve been a reprobate and need some CE’s! :cool:

Pat Bolinger and Jeff Merrit are working on having it Premere at a Chapter meeting. I am just a humble teacher, now. :wink:

Check with them. I only go where I am told.