Thermography Training for $95

Why pay $500 when you can get it here for $95 and still call yourself certified?:wink:

Absolutely true. In fact, I received a catalog with a $1300 Flir IR camera. Now that the prices are reasonable, I can throw one in my tool box. Good things come to those who wait.

Gotta buy a IR camera to get the $95 training.

J.Mc, what is your opinion?

Heck, 4 hours?

My class takes 2 days, minimum, with the other iNACHI requirements.

4 hours will barely explain how to turn it on.

You may get what you pay for, but you will never get more than you paid for.

You hit the nail on the head again Will.

Mr. Decker, are you doing the NACHI IR training now?

I have a 2 day (4. 4 hour courses, approved for Illinois State CE) for Building Science and InterNACHI certification. I have taught it, In Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

But, one must remember that the NACHI Green Building and Water Intrusion NACHI.TV courses are also required for NACHI cert.

I will travel and teach in other areas, if asked.

In this area, I teach for free (well, I take free lunches and after course drinks). Most (99%) of my income is regular inspections.

I have also had a number of contractors (exterior, roofing, mold, etc) who have asked me to teach for their employees. With cameras getting cheaper (Pardon me. “Less Expensive”) there is a big demand. Most times, I just have them hire me, but some want their own employees to be informed.

Hey, a market is a market, isn’t it?

You are not kidding.
Where is the $1300 model?

Professional Equipment sent me a coupon with a book that I just had delivered. $1395…and the shipping is free. I can’t find the coupon at the moment, but I believe the camera is the i5. Simple, but enough to impress (which is what they are all about, right?) someone who can “see” the air blowing out of their electrical receptacle.

You must buy one of their camera to get the $95 price on a 4 hr class (if you cancel their $95 class, there is a $100 processing fee). No certification is offered.

If you buy the one of the high end cameras from us, and take our class, which is 16 hrs (vs 4 hrs), you still save $1000 by taking our class and buying the same camera from our suppliers. Plus… our class if part of the InterNACHI INFRARED CERTIFIED process and gives the inspector a federally registered trademark and educational designation. Plus… Nick gives our students a free InterNACHI membership ($289 value) or $100 off renewals.

So for a $1000 less, someone can buy the same high end camera, take our class (16 hrs vs 4 hrs) and become INFRARED CERTIFIED via the InterNACHI qualifications (and a free $289 membership).

Plus we do not charge a $100 processing fee for those who cancel a $95 class. Oh my.

You decide.

So whats the total for the class and the higher end camera? +/_ Wheres the class location?

Our students can buy a high end IR camera (320x240) plus
infrared certified training class for a total of $8005.00.

We have classes in Crockett TX, which is broadcast over the
internet and teleconference at the same time. Our class is
never recorded, but always live. Some travel to our location
and some take the class from their home.

You get $100 off your InterNACHI renewal.

Contact me for this deal… john(at)