Illinois Inspectors - Please Read - Very Important!!!

In the state if Illinois, Licensed Home Inspectors are coming up on their bi-annual license renewals for individual Home Inspector License and Entity Home Inspector License (expires 11/30/06).


On the back of the renewal form, you will find (in the upper left hand corner) 6 yes or no questions that you will have to answer before you will be renewed.

The last question is the reason for this announcment. Please read it and understand it (and if you don’t understand it, please call me!!!) before you answer.

The questions reads:

“Are you in compliance with the Home Inspector Licensing Act, Asministrative Section 1410.110? (see instructions)”

I must explain. Please read carefully. I have run into a number of inspectors who either didn’t know, of didn’t want to know or their lawyers didn’t know.

This portion of the Administrative Rules (which is the rules that are figured out by the bureaucrats and are considered to be part of the actual law), states that any home inspector in the State of Illinois that has formed their business, with the State of Illinois, in the legal business form of a corporation (S or C or regular corp), a Limited Liability Company or a legally formed partnership (NOT a sole proprietorship or a simple partnership), [size=4]MUST[size=3] also have a State of Illinois Entity License as well as an individual HI license in order to legally do business.[/size][/size]

The question of the form is designed to:

  1. Warn the many HIs in Illinois that this provision in the state law WILL be heavily enforced.
  2. Provide a means for the state to summarily revoke any license from any HI who is not in compliance with this administrative rule. NO HEARINGS and NO APPEALS!!
    I want to stress that the State’s HI law, found here: ILCS 441/&ChapterID=24&ChapterName=PROFESSIONS+AND+OCCUPATI ONS&ActName=Home+Inspector+License+Act%2E

AND the Administrative Rules (which have the same force of law), found here:](

be completely read, understood and observed by all NACHI members!


This is an election year and there are wolves in the woods. Please take this seriously and if you have ANY[size=2] qestions, call your lawyers or myself. If you don’t, do not blame me![/size]

Hope this helps!

Thanks Will, I am a sole proprietor, and just got my new license last Friday, oh and another thing, they did not tell or at least I did not know they were changing the first 3 numbers of our license. Good thing I held off on printing new business cards and other literature.
Another thing, I had a conversation with IDPR person in Chicago, and she stressed that if paying by check make sure the checking account has money in it to cover the fee for the license.
These guy that are incorporated or are LLC’s get wacked twice for fees this year, gee that hurts.
Tim R.
KDR Home Inspections
Monee, IL

Our corporations get wacked but there is a reason why we chose to incorporate.