Illinois SOP and Internachi SOP


I am and Illinois licensed inspector. Illinois has their own SOP which is not very extensive. To prevent confusing clients and agents I am looking for legal advice regarding the correct verbiage to state in my agreement, and possibly use InterNachi SOP only.

In the Illinois SOP it lists the standards to be adhered to, but it also states the following.

" These standards are not intended to limit home inspectors from:
3) Excluding systems and components from the inspection if the exclusion is specified in the written agreement"

Would this then allow me to use the InterNachi SOP as my one standard. I am looking for legal advice on how word this in my agreement.

The British Inspector

If your state has one you have to use it and not the NACHI one.

Perry, if you are looking for legal advice, talk to your attorney, eh?


Thanks for your post Larry,

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Use your state-mandated SOP.

Thank you.

You have to follow the state SOP, but it does not prevent you from exceeding the SOP unless that is explicitly prohibited in the SOP or includes a service (inspection) that requires a separate/additional license.

Much as I hate to admit it the best advice was to consult your lawyer.

Thanks Robert. Not that it’s right, but I do see a lot of Illinois licensed inspectors stating they use InterNachi SOP on their websites. It’s very confusing when you read the Illinois SOP Section F

Is this what you seem confused about?

f) These Standards are not intended to limit home inspectors from:

  1.     Including other inspection services, systems or components in addition to those defined in these Standards;
  2.     Specifying repairs, provided the inspector is appropriately qualified and willing to do so; and
  3.     Excluding systems and components from the inspection if the exclusion is specified in the written agreement. 

Seems pretty clear to me.
Others may differ;

The Illinois SOP is the bare minimum you have to comply with. No exceptions!

Anything additional is allowed by F. 1

So, if the InterNACHI SOP includes everything in the Illinois SOP plus a few additional items then you are still in compliance with the State SOP when you say you follow the InterNACHI SOP. or you could just say you follow both and thereby keep up with the other inspectors you will be competing with.

Thank you Bob,

I have reached out to an attorney just to make sure I am following the law.

That’s what I was trying to tell him.

SAMPLE ONLY!! Refer to your Attorney for proper State Specific Legal Language!!

"As a proud Illinois licensed Home Inspector, I strictly adhere to the State of Illinois Standards of Practice (SOP). In most cases, these SOP’s are sufficient to provide for a quality home inspection. From time to time, I cross paths with a home where, ‘in my professional opinion’ a more in-depth evaluation and report would be prudent. In those cases that I deem necessary, (while on-site), in addition to the Illinois SOP, I will also follow pertinent portions of the Standards of Practice (SOP) as set forth by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. These two SOP’s combined will provide for the most comprehensive home inspection available without being technically exhaustive.
For a technically exhaustive home inspection, please contact me directly at: (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Hope this suits your needs.

He don’t need to call no attorney.
He has a state sop. That’s what he has to use.

Unless they are saying they use Both (Illinois and INachi) they are wrong and could get into legal trouble. In Illinois you are required to use the Illinois SOP.

I would only state that you go by the Illinois SOP.