State of Florida SOP

I have a two part question regarding a State of Florida SOP for Licensed Home Inspectors.

  1. Is there a State of Florida SOP being worked on? and
  2. What is everyone’s opinion that we need one?

Each inspector should make up there own.

Just like the rest of the worlds businesses state what you are going to do and do it.

Tell the government to stay the hell out of your business.

Be a leader not a sheep.

An SOP will be established to give, what i think, is the minimum that must be done on a home inspection. Is it a bad thing? Who knows, but I think we are going to have no choice…

If all goes as planned, the States SOP won’t mean dukey to NACHI Members —as we are hoping to be exempt from State SOP and follow InterNACHI’s


Me thinks you might be gettin too big for your britches. I doubt the state is going to allow more than one SOP. They might allow you to follow any SOP you want if it exceeds what the state draws up, provided that it is more stringent than what the state draws up. And how would all of you realtor friendly inspectors market yourself. Most of them would only want the minimum standard.

Perhaps our representative on the home inspector “coalition” can provide insight on this issue? How bout it Zoe?
I believe that there will be a state SOP and all licensed home inspectors will be required to at least meet all points in the “state sanctioned” SOP. That document is currently being developed “super secretly” by a select few who have been contracted with by the state. Once developed, the document will be available for public view and comment (us-, the realtors, contractors, insurance lobbyists, the public, etc.) and will go through the rule making process- public hearings, etc… Of course, this is pure speculation on my part as I am not privy to what is happening with the “coalition”.

I think a better question would be does anyone feel (having read all organizations SOP’s) any SOP’s are too strict? And why or which is too much to perform? I find them all pretty lax in what should be performed and personally feel the state won;t publish anything stricter than the toughest standards already in place by anyone?

I agree Gordon, but lets just think WHAT IF…For me its HUGE if it comes out much different than we expect. So I would rather know ASAP rather than react to something and maybe make attempt at making changes.

I would have never thought grandfathering would have been so easy…and yet here it is.

The state will set the minimum standard for SOP. The question is - where will that be and how will it affect us with respect to increasing our liability exposure?

True, easier to change prior to made law.

A coalition is a pact or treaty among individuals or groups, during which they cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest, joining forces together for a common cause. This alliance may be temporary or a matter of convenience. Possibly described as a joining of ‘factions’, usually those with overlapping interests rather than opposing.

Hmmmmm - According to this definition our interest are covered. lol

It appears that we’ll never know as information does not appear to be forthcoming from the “coalition”. I would at least like regular updates from the “coalition” to inform us what they are doing to us.

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Also Google this: “Texas Home Inspectors SOP” it’s not real pretty what you will read.

If there is a “coalition” on going we all need to know now!

There is – it is called FHIC - our representative is Dennis Fackler who was appointed by Nick Gromicko – The coalition does not share their proceedings with us, and many feel that we in fact are not properly represented by this coalition.

[FONT=Verdana]I was unaware that there was a blog regarding this subject matter labeled “Florida Coalition Update” on here and have read it. It seemed to have gotten off on Wind Mit stuff but none the less informative. Still sounds like things are up in the air and that there is strife between the different associations in regards to an SOP.

As much as I hate government telling me how to do things it appears that this is a train that is coming down the tracks. I hope that Nick G and the Mr Flacker step up and be sure we are all heard loud and clear and to keep us all posted on the matter.

I have been pushing to get this info for MONTHS and yet NADA…

Nick has ASSURED me that it will be either very similar or EXACTLY like our present INACHI SOP. So he has only misled me about 50 times, (not really), so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

The coalition I think must be a joke or they are members of the super secret society and keep all the info to themselves. Either way, we are in the dark. Just hope there is a grace period where ideas and input can be made before it becomes LAW. Once again thats what I am told…We shall see

I’m surprised that we haven’t at least heard some new misleading info from the Super Secret Society FHIC! Perhaps they have been informed that they will have absolutely no pull or influence whatsoever and have just faded away.

Dennis…as I stated for a MONTH and kicked and screamed, I was ASSURED we would be better informed by the FHIC. All it was, was lip service. I give people the benefit of the doubt and just let them prove me wrong as they have done. So now what feeble crap spews from their lips to me is HOG WASH.

Such as shame they got the name FLNACHI and yet represent so few of Florida’s finests.

Like I said before - There really won’t be a reason to join Florida NACHI after the grandfather clause expires. FLNACHI just keeps reasuring me of this through their lack of communication regarding FHIC proceedings. I see no reason to seperate the two, since they both appear to be in bed together (much pun intended). I will put my support, efforts and money behind some other influential force that will lobby for our best interest. At least until such a time as i am proved wrong.

Everyone wants to change the world… but it might be prudent for the displaced contractors to at least wait until the ink on their home inspector’s license is dry first. :mrgreen: