I'm coming back to California to do an all new home inspector marketing seminar.

I was thinking of doing one in San Jose. Does that seem like a good city to hold it in?

Hi Nick, Do you ever have any conferences in the New England area?

I might suggest San Rafael. It’s a bit north of San Francisco, 15 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Much more practical for those wishing to attend from central and northern CA.
The Embassy suites is adjacent to the Marin County Civic Center. An architectural masterpiece. Frank Lloyd Wrights only public civic project… Not to mention the wine country is a mere 20 minutes away.

San Diego sounds better.

San jose is a great choice. We would be more than happy to assist you on this.

Nick and I did San Diego a few years back. Sounds like he’s looking for a new location.

As you know, California is a big place, and there is no one location that will suite everyone.

You can try a place like Fresno or Bakersfield that is at least part way in-between the San Francisco Bay area and the Los Angeles area.

The advantage is then everyone has the same 3-4 hour drive to get there, rather than some people being 8 hours away while others are only 30 minutes away. Of course the disadvantage is most everyone is looking at a drive to get there.

Otherwise, either way, you’re cutting off at least 1/2 the state.

Sounds like two (2) visits are in order.
After all, those who live here regard Northern and Southern California as different states… Bring your own water when traveling south.
If not, we’ll furnish it!
San Jose is a nightmare in terms of traffic.

How about Santa Barbara? I’m with Frank on the San Diego location.

Won’t be long before you have to take a Boat to arrive in California:mrgreen::wink:

Hey Nick do you want to do Ontario Ca again

Meeting at Levi’s Stadium sounds like better idea.

That would be bad. Jed York would fire Nick, despite all his success, and elevate a nice and well liked, but woefully under-qualified inspector to take over InterNACHI, and throw the whole franchise into turmoil. :shock:

I’d fly down for one in Santa Barbara.

It’s probably cheaper to get to San Diego.

Awesome write up. Sad but true in niner land.

Not when you fly for free and have a place to stay.

Hmmm, I would agree with this statement.

You give seminars? In California? maybe You could answer a question for me. If you have the time, Im trying to make a career change here in CA from being in the construction trades to becoming a building inspector. Inspection is foreign to me but Ive always been fascinated by codes and the reasons, theories, ideas or unfortunate accidents behind some of them. Any way my questions would be few and geared toward how to get started and 1 specific question on courses.
Well actually I would value anyones time and response from anyone who feels they are qualified to answer questions like mine.

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