Is there a San Diego Chapter

Referring to an InterNachi Chapter of course. Preferably North County. Even Temecula would be close enough.

Yes. You are the President:

No election? I’m honored. I’ll do my best. I guess that means there isn’t. :slight_smile:

Invite me.

I checked out the link. Looks like a great marketing idea, and a lot of work. Once I get my business set up I’ll consider doing this. And you’ll be invited Nick.

Hi Frank, I set up one here in the Inland Empire ( Riverside San Bernardino) Its not that much work if you go informal. The hardest part I found is finding contractors to hold classes ( Stucco, HVAC Ect.) We had Nick come out and it was an awesome turnout, almost a mini convention. Book him and they will come.

Thanks for the encouragement Eric. I see getting knowledgeable speakers as the biggest hurdle. What’s the incentive for someone with a busy successful business?

For a contractor I would think they would see networking with inspectors who’s clients always ask if they know someone a benefit for future referrals. The ones who get it would make time for a presentation, and it doesn’t hurt to feed them .