I'm going to start a new inspector search site for home inspectors who charge more.

I first have to determine what the average home inspection fees are for every market in North America. Chris is going to create an automated system to monitor and derive that and keep it updated.

To qualify to be listed (for free of course), you will have to agree to charge more than your market area’s average home inspector charges. I won’t be in charge of that since I have no control over the average home inspection fees. Also, participants are free to charge a little more or much more than the average cost of a home inspection. For those two reasons, the program will not be in violation of AntiTrust laws.

I’ve already registered the domain name “WhyWeChargeMore.com

I’ll be coming up with a tagline and homepage content in the coming weeks.

InterNACHI members only.

I’m going to expand on this: http://www.nachi.org/smartchoice.htm

Nice start there Nick…

Perhaps “absolutely not” is a better tag line

Along with “WhyWeChargeMore.com” I’ve also registered “WhyIChargeMore.com” They will both be directed to the new inspector search site.


I like it.


  1. What constitutes “more” than average? Assuming the average for one geographic area is set at $300, can someone say they will charge $301? $310?

  2. How often will averages to be updated? (given we do have small, but steady inflation).

  3. What’s the process for making sure those who are listed actually comply?

  4. If someone catches someone on this site advertising for less than the set value, how will complaints be handled?

  5. Will this be firm wide? Because I can see someone listing themselves, while advertising cheap rates under the guise of “they are expensive if they do the inspection themselves” but they can still offer $199 because the cheap inspections are only done by their employees.

I can get behind that. I like it.:smiley:

One of the better ideas you’ve had in a while Nick. I can’t wait till it’s up and running.

We charge more because your worth it**!:wink:

You could have a contest for the tagline. Something beside marketing materials.

Gift card for a $100 at some decent restaurant.

For those who value quality
Pay a sum for a ton
Think Further
You Deserve It

I like Paul’s slogan but would make it shorter like Because You’re worth it. Very close to L’Oreal’s slogan Because I’m worth it.

Maybe an InspectorOutlet gift card.

I would actually hate to brag about higher or lower prices but should be fun to watch everyone brag and argue for SEO.

Curious how fee setting is determined or based on what standards.

Also wondering about publishing of fees as Nick preaches it is a bad idea in his SEO classes.

Bob claims:

Never once in my lifetime did I ever make a connection between publishing fees and SEO. That is absurd. There is no connection.

Eating alone? :wink:

Common knowledge is its a bad idea to publish fees.
Sorry but should have said website advice not SEO.

You have said many times they will not call you if you publish fees because they would not feel the need .

Think it is pretty stupid as well so agree.

I think we’ll give every participating member their own mini website that they can edit themselves and where they can list their fee structure, all the reasons they charge a little more (what makes them better/different than the average inspector), and the reason it is in the consumer’s best interest to pay a little extra.

Bob claims:

Not once in my lifetime have I ever uttered those words. They aren’t in any of the transcripts of the videos or NACHI.TV shows I’ve ever produced. They aren’t in any of the audio recordings of my convention and seminar talks. They aren’t in any of the books I’ve authored. They aren’t in any of my articles (many dedicated to inspector’s websites). They aren’t in any of my posts (46,000+). They aren’t in any of the emails (millions) I’ve ever sent. Never happened.

If your marketing is making the contention that you are the best inspector in town, a great way to support such a contention is with price. Most Americans believe there is a strong correlation between quality and price (you get what you pay for). Price provides consumers with evidence that supports your assertion that you are the best.

Well someone intelligent I respect in the world of marketing stated that when you publish your fee structure the potential clients have no reason to call you as they will see the fee and that will be their focus .

The whole idea of a website is to get people to call for more information so you can sell them.
Publishing fees on your site is foolish because you just gave them one less reason to pick up the phone so you can sell them.

My apologies if I was mistaken that it was you Nick.

Yep. It’s the same industry speaker who advises you not to put your address on your website. That bad advice is in stark contrast to everything I know about NAP.

I notice your website is missing your NAP Bob.

Not sure who you mean but I agree with him on both points.