Creating inspection fees

I’m preparing to start my own inspection business, I am looking for advice on setting inspection fees? I’m getting an idea of what the local competition is doing but see there are a lot of other calculations to consider? Such as age of home and travel distance? Just looking for some insight from you guys. Thanks.

Short answer: Charge as much as market will pay “you”. Strive for quality over quantity.

This has been discussed many times, you’re not asking anything specific. Please use the reading-lens icon to search for “inspection fee” After you read those threads and still have a specific question, do ask.

I’ll do that. Thank you!

the calculator is useless unless you can input correct parameters (base price, price per year/age, driving cost, etc…)


I looked at the competition as a starting point and tweaked it here and there to be a little different. As far as price for age, distance, and even foundation type, I don’t charge extra for those. What you see on the website, brochure, etc… is what the price is, no hidden fees.

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Thank you. This helps a bunch. Can I ask about the distance? How far are you willing to travel for your inspections and do you adjust for that?

What has already been stated is all good and well, but none of it matters if you go broke in the process!
Until you calculate your annual expenses and break it down to a projected per inspection, true cost of doing business, you cannot hope to determine the proper fee needed to stay in business, let alone turn a profit!!
The hell with what your competitors are charging. Most of them are likely undercharging and slowly driving themselves out of business!!
My suggestion to you and anyone else not experienced in owning and operating a business… go to your local Community College and take a Business 101-102 course(s). Be smart, not bankrupt!!


Where is the reading lens icon???

That’s not hard to do really. I find it spot on.

upper right corner to the left of the menu icon that is to the left of your avatar. Make sure you’re on the front page of the forum when you search or you end up searching within current thread.

Thanks and I’m still looking for conductor protection above the panel. I’m thinking it’s not required.

Search the internet for prices in your area. Pretty easy to find them. Find a way to manage your expenses so that you can make a profit. Consumers aren’t going to pay extra just to cover outrageous expenses.

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So, Brett, what is your experience to make such a statement?
20 days ago, you stated in another thread that you haven’t even decided which training course to take.
Why should anyone take your advice?
Heck, you haven’t even committed to becoming an InterNachi Member yet!!

Steve… this is exactly why you NEVER base your fee’s off of another persons prices!!

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Whats a your time and training worth? Imagine a small new house(800sf) just down the road from you. What would you charge? My minimum is $275. Federal gas reimbursement is $0.58, thats what I use. $0.04 multiplier for size and $1.80 multiplier for age I believe were defaults and I feel those are accurate for me.

Hello Jeffrey, I have zero experience as a home inspector. You’ll not see me give advice with respect to that. I’m not brand new to business though. I understand markets, costs, and expenses.

Can I charge an extra $100 per inspection just because I decided to buy a new 2020 Dodge Caravan instead of using my paid off 2013 Dodge Caravan? If the answer is yes then this is a very unique business.

Keep it simple, it will be easier to track.
Don’t nickel & dime your clients, they’ll resent you for it.

Burma Shave.

Yep, I agree. I’m seeing there is no cookie cutter answer. Every area is different but I do know we can’t price ourselves out of the market, so I have to be wise? I think the best advice I heard was breakdown my expenses and operating costs to a per inspection breakeven number and price accordingly. This is good stuff!!

Where do you go out to enjoy a Steak Dinner, a Hamburger at Lunch, a Sunday Breakfast (or Brunch)??
Do you go where it’s cheaper or more satisfying?
On a date with the wife or girl/(boy) friend, do you go to McDonald’s and rent at Redbox, or ???

Now… what happened with your PRIOR business?
You may understand markets, costs and expenses, but you obviously don’t know squat about applying them to a profitable business!

Kinda curious, (not really as I likely know the answer), will you survive your first year, let alone three??
Good luck.

You seem cranky. I apologize if I’ve contributed to that.