I'm no HVAC tech...

But looks like something is missing :mrgreen:. Its even checked off that its there.

Actually the check means the opposite.

Really? Are you pulling my leg?

No I am home so it is either your dog or your wife.

It is checked that its “w/ hkr-05c” Why wouldnt they check the “no heat kit”. I think you are pulling my leg.

I have no Idea why the check mark its irrelavant there is no heat strip installed the plate with the screws is where it would be located as its in the discharge air stream of the upflow blower assembly.

Is this on a heat pump why the lack of info are you a Jar head from VA or what:p:D

Well the check mark is what I was looking at to determine what my clamp meter needs to read. When I looked up the heat kit wasn’t there. Yes its a heat pump. I didn’t know I needed more info. I was just sharing that someone got shafted.

Probably got ReCalled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. I spent why too much time trying think of reasonable reasons why it wouldn’t be there. I think the HVAC tech was an unscrupulous individual.

Well there you go you need to take a course and update your self that is the new wireless model lolol

Dang. Always something new.

Sooo… This unit just looks around and shrugs its shoulders when “emergency heat” is turned on??

Was there any other backup heat?

You need to think out of the box here , -Installer ( we don’t need no stinking back up heat) lol

Lol yes to the first and no to the second.

That is quite a find. :slight_smile:

IMO it wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting if had said “no heater kit”, but it says the 5kw one is installed.

It is, in the HVAC contractor’s guest house. :smiley: