I'm not sure what is going on here.. Anyone seen these type of connections on a water heater?

Pex plumbing.

sloppy IMHO.

Some local codes call for pex to be within x-inches of the water heater.

I guess specifically the split… is that ok?

Do you mean the “tee” in the water line?

Right…thats what i’m referring to

I don’t see a problem or particularly sloppy. Of course, the flue isn’t secured to the draft hood with three sheet metal screws.

From the Uniform Plumbing Code; 604.11.2 Water Heater Connections. PEX
tubing shall not be installed within the first eighteen (18) inches (457 mm) of piping connected to
a water heater.

So there is yer problem…


I think this is a home owner trying to be a plumber . You can get this stuff at a home improvement place & do it yourself . So what happens is the crimps will give away under pressure If they are not tight So i would have a real plumber look at it .

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How can you tell they aren’t tight enough?

It’s an approved PEX system.

Any fitting (barbed, crimp, cinch, solvent weld, soldier, push-fit) can “give away” randomly due to poor workmanship.