Water Heating

Fellow Inspectors,

Just wanted to share this installation. Comments welcome…



Is your concern the pipes or the tank?

I don’t want to give it away just yet…

Not fond of the exposed romex tied to the piping, and I would also mention the expansion tank not being properly supported.

The In’s and Out’s are reversed.

Good one David, I guess the colors are kinda important. :slight_smile:

Reverese hookup - agreed
Tank not in proper position - agreed
Romex instead of armored cable - agreed, but it is supported fairly well

The fittings look plastic. I have not seen internal plastic fittings for PEX. I would imagine they would crack under pressure from crimping. Are these actual PEX fittings?

oh, and either the cow is too big or the person is too small. :wink:

The installation should have solid ridged pipe for a minimum of 18 inches from the water heater also.Matt;)

You got the main problem. No hot water anywhere, just tepid.
The Pex would be a problem w/ a gas fired unit, but not with the electric version.

And yes, I would like to see the tank better supported, but the county did not have a problem with it.


That’s funny, i was on the couch with my 12 year old daughter and asked her if she saw anything wrong with the picture. She didn’t know what it was but she said the colors should probably match!

Kids are great they always see things we do not .
Got to love them and listen close .
Thanks Aaron… Cookie

Curious, what does " Tank not in proper position" mean?
I must be missing something?