If you want to come to 3 Days of Secrets Revealed for free, I'm buying.

If you want to attend for free, say so on this thread and I’ll make it happen.


I’m interested. How’s this work?

Just say you’re coming and I’ll have your ticket at the door.

Hey Nick. I would like to come.

I would like to attend this seminar.

OK. I have you set up. Just show up.

Nick - I am interested in attending - please sign me up!

OK, you’re in.

What is the address of the event?

I’ll have Mike come on here and tell you where it is.

My wife (boss) and I will be there.

Hi Nick, I’m in! Looking for the details so I can make the travel arrangements now.


What is the location and exact dates and times?
I want to buy an airline ticket asap.

The dates are on that link in Post #1.

I’ll have Mike come on here tomorrow and give more info.

For those that have left their name on this thread - our office is going to call you and get you all set up.

The event in in Dallas at the Sheraton DFW Airport hotel
You can see some of the information at www.3DaysofSecretsRevealed.com

Keep in mind this is only a sample - you have so much more to learn and enjoy when you come…

Say hi to me when you get there… thanks, Mike Crow

Thanks Mike!


Count me in!

Is Thursday a full day? Just trying to make travel arrangements.


I plan to be there. Tickets still available ? Reddothomesolutions@gmail.com - 303-563-9679

I haven’t heard back from anyone. Please let me know by tomorrow morning or I’ll have to cancel my plane ticket. Thanks