Improper trap

Would you call this an improper trap. I would consider it to be an S-trap. It was in a basement bath that the homeowner finished himself. The house is only six years old. Any ideas on how to write this?

Write it up for what it is, and tell your client it’s an easy fix with $10.00 worth of parts… Not worth making a huge stink over…

This is a good indicator that the work was done without permits and a follow-up inspection.

Recommend to your client that they do a permit search on this remodeling job and if a permit is not on file, recommend that the seller have the AHJ inspect the job and “okay” it prior to buying it. You do not know what other mistakes might exist behind the walls that your client may later be held accountable for when it is his turn to sell the house. If this raises a stink, so be it. It’s your job.

The lock rings are not even seated correctly.
Leaking S trap.:slight_smile:

The waste line is improper and it appears to be amateur installation. Leaks may develop. Recommend a licensed plumber to repair.

Permits? we do not need no stinking permits . Some areas are not required to get remodel permits . Some areas do not even require a building permit . Just write up as Not properly done and refer it to a Plumber.