In-House Inspections?

When visiting the local real estate companies to drop off brochures and pitch my company - the person at one company said “This is the company we’re using - there our in house inspection company” as he pointed to their almost empty brochure holder. I guess there is some sort of a super discount for this inspection? The company was one of the franchises I think much of. I heard of the larger companies doing their own title searches with their “in-House” title people but home inspecting! Can’t be. What does the buyer think of that I wonder

Money. That is the answer.

National franchise companies hire cheap, low-cost-of-hiring home inspectors, perhaps at $10 per hour. They send the check they receive after the inspection to their home office, most all out of state from the location of the inspection. The company then “redistributes” the proceeds.

I am always surprised that the “NAR requires that RE’s provide the best services to their clients”. They simply are not. As being one of only a handful of CMI’s in Kansas, I should be booked out for days. Dan Bowers and Buck Hartley should be too. We are not. This is proof that the RE’s are not providing the best services to home buyers. How RE’s put up with it is beyond my understanding.

Get what you pay for but numbers don’t lie, pay $10 an hour and only one in 10,000 people will sue for a bad inspection. Banks do the same thing, break the law having made $500,000,000 and then they pay a fine of $100,000,000

They are still way ahead of the game.

Im sure it works that way up here too, with some RE companies, sadly:(