Letters were sent (by USPS) to every member in AZ, KS, OK, and NE last week.

They included some good reminders to help your inspection businesses. You should have received them by now.

Nothing can help us here in Kansas, but repeal the home inspection and radon laws.

U.S. Inspect now does free radon testing and free radon mitigation if radon is found for home owners within 30 days after closing. I have lost all of my radon testing business.

Dan B. tells us that Wells Fargo and Bank of America are requiring home buyers that hire a home inspector to only use engineers, who are not licensed or regulated by any law, rule, or regulation in Kansas.

These people in Kansas are doing everything to put us honest inspectors out of business; and, they are doing a very good job of it.

Now Gary, that isn’t true. Some corporations use outside relocation assistant companies when they move an employee, and pay to have their employee’s new home tested and mitigated for radon if necessary. It’s part of that employee’s relocation package.

I dispatched another Bank of America inspection yesterday to a ComInspect member who is not an engineer. Engineers know almost nothing about commercial property inspections, unless they are also commercial property inspectors.

You need to get to one of my marketing seminars or drive out to Boulder and hang with me for a day or two.

Attitude isn’t everything… but it is much.

Nick -

I think what Gary was referring is a couple inspectors in WEST kansas tell us that out there Wells Fargo is telling buyers if they’re gonna get a home inspection it needs to be by a licensed engineer. Over the past 10-15 years in KC I’ve had MANY realtors, lenders, fha, etc tell buyers things like: “Well the house is OVER 75 years old, we really need a licensed engineer for the inspection”; OR “Well” the house is 5,000sf, we really need a licensed engineer to inspect it".

The comical part of that statement is that in KANSAS, the state engineering laws EXCLUDE 1&2 Family Houses from the practice of engineering or architecture AND the engineering board has stated that in writing AND stated they have NO control or juristiction over an ENGINEER or Architect doing home inspections.

We have provided this information and hundreds of letters like the one attached below to realtors, lenders, FHA, VA and the KANSAS legislators during the home inspection licensing process AND they have all IGNORED it. As such the engineers got themselves EXCLUDED from the home inspection laws ALSO.

That kind of crap sets guys like Gary or Myself off bigtime.

Danny boy, your letter is dated 1993, you need to get it updated and current with the new mindset (2011) of the Technical Board… :wink: