INachi Panel Magnet

I believe I won this a few years ago and I have used a few times recently.

Today came in handy due to the racks and poor clearance in front/around panel enclosure and used on a 400 amp service last week as the cover was very large/heavy.

This magnet is great!!


203112 039 (Small).JPG

203112 039 (Small).JPG

203112 039 (Small).JPG

They are nice, I use two of them on every inspection.

I have one as well, and its a great magnet.

mine keeps sticking to the plate in my head…

:D:|.):|.):smiley: too funny :smiley:

Is that you Uncle Eddie?

Is it using rare earth magnets?


I do too - plus, when you drop the dead front panel screw in the dirt, it helps find it. Saved me several times.

I bet it is easy to carry around the magnet that way.:smiley: