Hi everyone, I’m in the beginning stages of starting my own new Home Inspection service. Can anyone tell me what I might expect for an annual income? I understand there are a lot of variables. I’m just trying to figure out a budget for advertising and equipment but I’m just not sure exactly what the 1st years income might be? I’ll operate out of New Hampshire. Thanks in advance for any input on this question.

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It is ALL UP TO YOU :slight_smile: Sorry if vague but true. You can pretty much get what you put into it out of it. If you have to be cheap for a while to work then suck it up. Once you have a rep you can get more. Do you want to work weekends? Real popular with Realtors but I do not do it. Likely cost me 1000’s over the years. But f that the weekends are my family time :slight_smile:

John give me a call if I can help.


Thanks to all for the replies and input. Michael, yes believe it or not weekends are perfect for the situation I’m in. I have a primary income and can keep it while starting this business and weekends and evenings are perfect for now! Thanks again

What ever number it is, multiple it by 4.

Every penny I made my first year I put right back into advertising and more equipment.

If I could go back, I would have started with a much larger advertising budget upfront.

Step #1: do not come to this message board to seek out instant success stories.

If you are trying to figure out a budget based upon your first year’s income you will never get this thing off the ground.

This is where you come to learn about home inspection. To be successful here largely depends on your previous life experience and education. But this is only one part of it.

Just like a doctor who attends medical school, complete internships, goes out and buys all the equipment, gets a building to put it all in, puts a sign on the side of the building and advertises in the want ads. There is something missing. Is he a good business man?

Home inspection is not like being a real estate agent. It is not like starting your own business in Amway. If you want someone to hold your hand, you are going to have to pay them. It’s not like working for someone else, gaining job experience and get paid for doing it. What you do and say has serious ramifications on the general public, real estate agents, clients, property owners. Except for a doctor, who when he makes a mistake could kill somebody, your responsibilities has significant impact on others. You make a mistake and you are messing with one of the biggest investments in anyone’s life. They are depending on you for guidance. Are you capable of providing this guidance when you open your doors for business? Working on this part time poses serious limitations on your rate of progress.

The average franchise takes thousands of dollars of initial investment in takes years to make your first dollar. This is not a franchise. This is you. You must do it all. You are the CEO to the mailroom clerk. Are you up for the task?

You can’t “practice” on your clients!
Do you own a house? Do you want someone to practice on you or your family members when they make their investment?

You’ll hear people here say “we all started somewhere”.
I recommend you take an accurate inventory of what you are qualified for before you get started.

Your income budget is the least of your concerns. You can’t do the job without tools. You can’t do the job without education. You obviously do not have the experience. So this is the first place to start. Not the message board, the education courses.

It should be YUGE…really, really, Yuge. :bandit: