Newbie, need a couple basic questions answered

Hi folks.

I’m considering a career change into the Home Inspection/RE Appraisal business and have a couple of basic questions about getting started.

I do not want to go out on my own from the get go, I’d rather learn and cut my teeth from someone who has been around for a while. Is it possible, once licensed and educated properly, to get hired by larger Inspection companies? If so, what would an average newbie expect to make starting out? In four or five years? (figuring that it would take at least that long to get reasonably good at it).

Is the RE market shakeup effecting the amount of business you get nowadays? Is it slower in one part of the country as opposed to another (live in SoCal, going to move to Charlotte NC)?


In order to get the right information to you, please let us know what State you are located in. Good luck.

First, you need to decide if you’re going to be an appraiser, or a home inspector. They are very different careers.

Look in your area for “multi-inspector” firms and give them a call. They’ll let you know if they can the extra hands, and they’ll tell you what you can expect to make while working with them.

Thanks Jeffrey,

Yes, I realize they are very different, my intention was to try to tackle both at the same time to be able to offer both services.

I’ll definitely give the “multi-inspector” firms a call and ask around. I’m in California now and plan on taking this up when I move to North Carolina, I will probably be calling around the Charlotte area for “multi-inspectors”.

Just spoke with a rep from American Home Inspectors Training Institute. They have a 6 day course here in SoCal and he explained that CA doesnt have any specific licensing requirements.

How long does the average bear take to get enough business to survive on? I know it’s directly based on your marketing efforts, but if one were to market heavily (dropping off cards and flyers to every realtor in town and mailings, etc), could one expect at least to attract four-five inspections per week within a month or so?

Raphael…The best way to answer that is keep your day job.
Do not rush in expecting riches as it takes time to build a referal base,and do you really want that much business before you know what you are doing?
Just hang out on the board with eyes and ears open.
This is not going to be I got rich in seven days As Told By :Raphael

Thanks Robert!

Yeah, I figured it would take some time to get some regular business together. Not expecting to get “rich”, quick or otherwise in this business. Thats why I was wondering if any Inspection companies pay newbies or will train after licensing.

My biggest debate is whether or not to pay for the courses and start marketing now, and how long it would take to get something going. I am currently unemployed (for the past month and a half) having been laid off from a Sub-Prime lender that imploded (NCEN). I’ve got a few options, but nobody is showing any interest in my experience (Facilities Management/Physical Asset Management) so I’m going to be changing gears.

Thanks for the advice!


Here is a link for some information on North Carolina. Perhaps some of our fellow Inspectors from that State can assist you with information.

Don’t forget to read some of the marketing threads available to you on this message board.

While there are those rare few who may reach the 4-5 inspections a week during the first year, competition is very tough out there. You can expect busy times and times where you have to check to see if your phone is working. From what I have read here, the 100 inspections your first year is a good start. That would be for the independant owner / inspector. It could be quite different working for a muti-inspector firm where you are not your own boss and individual marketing may or may not be allowed. Give Russel Ray a call. His info is available on this message board. He owned a multi-inspector firm in the San Diego area and he may be able to give you insight as to what was allowed and not allowed by his franchise.

Best of luck.

Thanks Steven! I REALLY appreciate this help! I have a lot more investigation to do, and have started looking at education packages/classes. I’ll definitely give Russell a call!

One idea is to get them coming and going buy getting involved in forclosures.
I laughed when I thought of it .But it’s true.

Nice Robert! :slight_smile: Actually a very good idea. I guess it would only take looking up the foreclosures daily in the country records, right?

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Hi Raphael,
I completed course studies with AHITI, I think they are great.
What is your background?

Hi Carla,

My background is in Facilities Management and Physical Asset Management. I’ve done many other things, but these two are the things I had been concentrating on for the past seven years at two companies before I was laid off last month from a major Sub-Prime Mortgage Company (yeah, THAT one).

I will check out AHITI. Was it complete enough for you?

The AHIT classroom course is a good one. The price is a little high, but it is worth every penny. They throw alot at you in a short time, Read their material before class.