incoming water service

Please help me with this one. This is city water supply to home, the income water line is 3/4" as it enters the home than someone put a 3/4" x 1/2" reducer and piped it to the city water meter, and it then stays 1/2" supply throughtout the house. My question is " Is it ok for to reduce from 3/4" to 1/2" before the water meter?

I see them quite often. They are fine.

When I find 1/2" piping after the meter, I always recommend 3/4" to improve water flow. One bathroom should be fine with 1/2" piping.

I went and took a picture of my water meter.

It has 1" copper penetrating the concrete floor (coming from municipal), then it downsizes to 7/8" piping into the meter, then 7/8" piping after the meter, then 1 1/4" copper as the main supply.

Are you referring to the two smaller pipes that I’m pointing out in this pic?

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thanks for the pic, but you stated yours reduces down to 7/8" which is a acceptable size (3/4" or more) I have 3/4" coming out of concrete then reduces to 1/2" into meter then leaves meter at 1/2" throughtout home. I know 1/2" is ok for the supplying the home, it’s the reducing before the water meter to 1/2" that troubles me.

How’s the pressure in the most furthest water supply in your home?

satisfactory. I just got off the phone with the water company and the said reducing to 1/2" I.D. 5/8" O.D. is ok before the meter. They have 2 types of meters, 1 for 1/2" & 1 for 3/4". I’m doing further invesigating on this, because I know a person who did and inspection and missed reporting the reduction before the meter and the income water line from the curb broke and the water company was trying to put the blame on the reducer causing the high pressure and my client wanted the inspector to pay for the new line to the house.

I can’t imagine how a reduction in water line could produce any more water pressure buildup in the line than having the water completely off at any given time.

i don’t understand it either

That’s BS. The city controls the water preasure.