Increase in ambient air temperature

My wife complains that during this time of year, we experience a significant increase in ambient temperature inside.

I have yet to find the source, as it normally happens during the days surrounding the New Years. I have investigated, but I am too busy coming unglued watching the SEC in bowl games to devote much time to it. I do try and notice the temperature difference nearer the ceiling every time I jump up for a good play or to object to a bad call.

Of course some times I am down on my hands and knees (either praying or begging) and I try to note the air distribution at floor level. However, I am right back up and cant seem to stay focused long enough to note anything significant.

The thing is that when I do have some free time to really check it out, the temperature returns to normal. The odd part is that it directly coincides with the end of bowl season.

I dont know, maybe el nino.

Could be the effects of Beer and Peanuts

When your body is at rest it tends to stay at rest. Since your body during the Game is thinking 100s of times faster then normal so is your Electro-Mechanical Attraction to the TV. Since studies have shown that we can only focus on several things at one time your body shuts down the functions not needed during the game. That one function is your regulator of the **Temperature **of your wife. If you take your IR temperature sensor and aim it at her head you will clearly see where the extra heat is coming from and you are best to take care of it during the I\2 time, if you don’t you might see something that was not anticipated during the game but after the game is over. LOL

it may have something to do with an outward facing beer label, like magic, but only real.:wink:

Sorry about your SEC teams…Go Cards