The Upstairs Rooms Were Cold

IR scan revealed insulation deficiencies.

Garcia IR 002.jpg

Garcia IR 005.jpg

Garcia IR 003.jpg

I don’t see why the upstairs rooms should be colder than the downstairs rooms. After all, they’re closer to the Sun–they should be warmer, don’t you think?

Linus, why does the date say 01/01/00

I have no idea. I’ll have to check it out.

Deal killer - you guys and your fancy cameras! :wink:

Which FLIR model took those shots?

I think it’s a BCam, nice find!


This room gets colder in the summer, the hotter it get’s outside.

Can you tell why?

How about a little more info on the room, etc…?

Is that a light switch, or thermostat to the left of the door?

Thermostat is right below the air infiltration.

I also see this a lot with attic hatches. Out here a lot of the homes have their thermostat right below the attic access. In Arizona those attics can get over 170 degrees in the summer.


This one is the attic access.
Not only do they conduct, but radiate as well.

It actually **is **a point of infiltration.
You can see the hot air being pulled between the insulation and the sheetrock.

Why is it being “pulled” into the house?
This is a 2nd floor bonus room.
Shouldn’t stack effect cause the air to flow the other way?