Info from a Friend (HI)

Got a letter from a friend (HI)to-day,and he was wondering if ALL HI’S practice the same sort of practice? Here is the list that he tries to follow, your thoughts and compents! 1. Have you provided the client(s) or realtor with your proposed inspection
contract prior to home inspection (e-mail, fax, etc.)?
2. Have you reviewed the contract and the limitations of the pre-purchase
visual home inspection process with the client prior to formation of an oral
3. Have you evidenced that client read, dated, timed and signed inspection
4. Has your oral advice been prudent?
5. Have you documented your oral advice?
6. How was your communication style during the home inspection?
7. Have you made all of the comments that are prudently made when clues
8. Have you answered prudently client inquiries?
9. Have you shifted the burden back to your client to make further and
better inquiries?
10. Have you documented conditions present on site at the time of the
home inspection?
11. Have you or do you follow up with the client/agent?