NACHI client agreement.

Greetings to all.

I’m in the process of joining NACHI ( passed my online exam today !!! ) I’ve been searching for client agreements and can only find US versions. Anyone have some advice or experience using US forms in Canada? Are generic agreements safe or am I being ‘stoopid’. Most reporting/agreements seem to refer to other associations in their texts which could be confusing to clients. Any ideas?



Where are you located?


Hi Lawrence

I’m in Ontario. Had a look at the NACHI client agreement and it seems to be US focused. As a new Canadian member, was wondering if anyone had some suggestions about client agreements in Canada. Are the agreements offered for purchase any good?


I suggest that looking at various agreements is a great starting point. But having one reviewed by a lawyer should help in tightening up the potential of claims. However, no home inspection agreement will ever be 100% legally “bullet-proof” regardless of what some may think.

There will always be unhappy and opportunistic clients ready to attack you through litigation. It is impossible to totally eliminate the possibility of one day being faced with litigtion, in some cases years beyond the date of the inspection in many parts of Canada.

Stick with InterNACHI’s agreement. It is fine in ON. Also, consider using:

I had my own made.

e-mail me and I can send it to you. You should still get it looked at by a Lawyer.

Lawrence Olsen
Universal Inspections

I can send you a copy if you like send me your email and I’ll let you copy my online agreement.
Remember to have your lawyer look it over for your benifit, my insurance liked it and lawyer did as well so it was a go for me.

I have done 4 inspections for Lawyers they all signed with out reading my contract.
I asked why they did not read it they all said ( very similar ) .
If you do a good inspection the contract will not be needed .
If you do a lousy inspection no contract will keep you out of court.
I quizzed one further and he said Court is what kills you Contracts do not give you much of a means of staying out of court no matter how they are written.

That is exactly right Roy. a contract is only as good as the lawyers attacking and defending it.

Have you tried to get E&O without a contract? Good Luck


I am using the NACHI agreement and I got it check by my lawyer and it good, have your client put their initial beside chapter four.

Thanks to everyone for their input. Some very generous offers from Lawrence and William. I have emailed you both. Thanks again.

By the way am now a member :smiley:


Send me an e-mail too. I’ll get a copy of my lawyer vetted agreement to you.

Marcus you have mail…

Call if you need anything else