Info on GSW water heaters

I know I know
I have looked everywhere and cannot find info on GSW water heaters. As usual I need age date codes.
Thanks Guys

What is a “GSW water heater” ?

General Steel Wares
They also make John Wood. Must be a Canadian thing.

Try Google when you can’t find something. It almost always will give you more than you could ever want. This site may help…There are toll free numbers to call if all else fails. Hope this helps.

Apparently A.O. Smith just bought out GSW in March of this year.

Thanks Doug
That was the first place I went to and found…squat.
I will call in the morning if no one has the info tonite.

General Steel Wares

That is a Brand that I have never encountered in the USA.

Johnson Wood…Yes

AO Smith…Yes

Many others…Yes

GSW water heaters are very common here.

I don’t date water heaters so I’m not 100% sure but I think they use a two digit year followed by a two digit month.

example so the serial number 0305671219 equals May 2003

…1st 4 digits of Serial Number…

1st & 2nd number = year,
3rd & 4th number = month

Thank you guys , I knew you would come through for me.