Hot Water Heater Age

Help required to determine Hot Water Tank age. JohnWood Serial# 806891886.
Model# JW525TSC Thank you in advance.

Totally unfamiliar with them.

A Canadian brand?

It is Canadian.
Didn’t see any info on date codes on the site.

Patrick, John Wood is the most popular tank around these parts…In about 80% of the homes. But all the tanks I’ve seen have a 10 digit serial #, are you sure you caught all the digits? Usually all models from about 1980 and up use the first two digits as the year built. You are only showing 9 digits, so according to your # it would be a 1980, but that may change if one of the digits missed was one at the front?

Does it look older/newer, when was the house built?
Size of tank? appears to be about a 50 us gallon/ 40 imp gallon?

Hi Darrell
The serial number was longer but I left the last digit off.I believe it was a 3.
I used the CD Tech book to try to date it and came up with the same age as you.
I just recieved an e-mail from someone else saying it falls under GSW and it is 15 yrs. old.
I would like a second confirmation on that date if possible.
Thanks for your reply.

Can anyone help date a SUPERSTORE or HTP mod# gl50
Serial# J12G 12097