info on retaining walls?

Hey guys!

    I'm looking for information on retaining walls........anyone know of any good websites? I'd like some drawings I could include in my report, as an illustration of various accepted methods of building them........Anyone have some good pictures of retaining wall deficiencies?

                                                         Thanks in advance!


Although for road design read and understand this then refer client to the proper landscape engineer.

I believe due to the potentially complex geo-technical and materials variables you are opening a can of worms larger than IKE trying to provide any further information, unless you are an engineer.

I own suspenders that hold more than most retaining walls I see.

In the event you insist on providing design ideas go here and search the diagrams between the failures.

Thanks Barry!

I can relate to the suspender analogy, and I appreciate your input, greatly. I will take your advice and keep this material for my own library of knowledge. I don't need any liability issues.

What I do when clients ask for specialty items such as you have with retaining walls, is refer them to google. I explain that all they have to do is type in what they are looking for and there is the info they need. This takes away any liability to me and puts the onus on them and whomever they decide to contact about their issues.
You can get really bogged down doing the researching and usually at no cost to the client and your hourly rate goes down.
Just my 2 cents worth.

this may factor in for your calculations of the retaining wall harold

hope this atleast gets you started