water way retaining walls

Hello. Newby, here and trying to get as much training and info as possible before finding myself in a situation where I don’t know much about a potential problem.
Recently a cousin of mine who I saw at a family picnic was telling me he is having a retaining wall rebuilt. He lives on the water which many homes in my area are. I did not know much about how one should be built, let alone how I should inspect one. He was saying one neighbor near him had one done just a few years ago and it is already showing signs of failure. He is having an engineer do his and they are putting in pins of a sort for stability.
My question is on where I can learn more about retaning walls on water ways? Do we inspect those as part of a normal inspection? Do you just refer to an engineer service to inspect it? The principles are the same I am sure for what has been covered in our courses but there must be differences. Some walls are just rocks built up for crying out loud and we are talking walls on the coast where flood waters are almost certain to come in. Thank you.

i WOULD SAY SEARCH THE TERM SEAWALL. sry bout the caps. Not many in the seawall biz call them retain walls. I do know talk of a course has been going around and I am trying to get all the players to do it. I have the perfect location with many different types of walls. Good Luck.

Thank you! I hope they do a course. Let me know I may also be able to contribute. I think I may take a drive down when they build my cousin’s wall to get as much learning from it as I can.
Do you add sea walls to your regular inspection or do you refer it out?

I have not had one but would likely do it myself as I am on an island and believe I can see the tell tails signs of failure. I would love to take or create a great course :smiley: