infrared camera and blower door system for sale

I am getting to old to crawl around in attics and crawlspaces so I am going out of business. I have a fluke TIR camera and a Minneapolis Blower Door System for sale. Both have software included. I paid $4495.00 for the camera and $2625.00 for the blower door system. They are about one year old and have not been used that much since business in southern Georgia has been slow. Will sell both for $5200.00 plus shipping. That is a savings of over $1900 under selling price.

Minneapolis Blower Door System

  • Model 3 110V System with Aluminum Frame and DG-700 Digital Gauge (300 - 6,300 CFM) $2,625.00
    Includes: - Cruise Control with Fan Control Cable.
  • TECTITE Test Analysis Software and USB Communication Cable.
  • Aluminum Frame and Nylon Panel designed to fit 8’ door.

Fluke TIR Camera

[FONT=Verdana]SmartView analysis and reporting software

  • 2 GB SD memory card
  • SD card reader for downloading images into your computer
  • Rugged hard carry case and portable soft carry case
  • Hand strap
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • AC charger/power supply
  • Printed users manual
ph 229-559-4470