Year end IR clearance

So we have about 15 cameras we need to move. I have some demo units as well. They carry full factory warranties and are 15% to 20% off.

The boss man would rather discount them rather than paying the inventory tax on these units. Mostly Fluke cameras (TiS, TiR, TiR1, Ti32) and a couple of Testo units.

We also have a dozen or so blower doors and a couple of duct blasters that will fall into this category. Some lasers, a 36V Bosch sawzall (you better have a strong arm to handle this thing), and some other misc items.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

How much for your cheapest blower door? I don’t provide energy audits yet because my BPI Certified partner does them but I wouldn’t mind having a cheap blower door for some ideas I have.

I am interested in the price of your cameras, my tele # is 513 617 3777 my name is Greg

I would also like to know how much your selling your blower doors for.


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Can you email me what demo units you have along with the price. I prefer the Fluke TiR. If you do not have a Fluke TiR demo unit, please email me the discounted year end price for this model. Thank you.

Hello Jason,

Im interested in possibly buying a camera from your inventory. Please email me list at or call me at # below.


John Zabala

PM sent to Jarrod and Lee, email sent to John.


Just to answer a common question so far, the Retrotec Q46 is the recommended system for residential applications. It comes complete with the following:

-Fan Case
-DM-2A (manometer, gauge, controller)
-DM-2A soft case
-Extra tubing
-Cloth/Frame gun style case
-Ring A,B,C
-Plugs for ring C (all three rings and the plugs give you 11 flow ranges)
-Calibration of fan and gauge on all flow ranges
-Fantestic Lite Software - Fantestic is the only USACE / ASTM E 779 compliant software, that I know of, on the market. The version provided is for a single fan system. It can be expanded up to 24 fans (simultaneously running together) for large building testing. The president of Retrotec Energy co-authored the USACE standard for large building testing. It can be found here: (USACE / ASTM PDF - note the authors)

As a side note for you guys that already do residential testing. The world of large building testing is a much more open market. It does not require any government funds to stand on its own two feet and the competition is very limited. If this is something you wish to pursue drop me a line at and I can get you over a ton of information on the subject.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply

Im interested in buying a blower door. What is the price?

Lance Smith
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