Infrared IR Thermal Imaging Camera Rental

We just started our infrared camera rental today.

We only have a few cameras in our rental pool currently.

The main one of note is a FLIR T440.

For those that are in the market for a thermal imager, and want to use the rental as a “Try and Buy” type of program, we will credit the rental fee towards the purchase of a camera.

Coming soon will be a Testo 875-i1, Fluke Ti125 and a FLIR T640! The 640 will also serve nicely for those that are not wanting to spend $26k on a camera but will still have access to one, when the right application comes up.

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply
Net Zero Tools

I would be interested in a short term rental for a Testo 890 as I consider my next imager choice. Especially if I can credit toward purchase price.

Please keep us posted as to the equipment you have when it comes available.
Thank You Jason.

I can send some student your way. Email me with a price list

We would like more information about the program and pricing. Email us thanks

Jason, Like Chuck, i’m intersted in the Testo 890 or the 885. The 875 is a little too low end.

This is GREAT news! Definitely interested in some weekly rental rates of the FLIR T-640…