"Infrared Thermography Inspection Training" video course

This thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in InterNACHI’s free, online video Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course.

In this thread, students may:

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  •  ask questions and make comments; and
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Can or Will I be certified in more than one state?

There is no law in north america that says you have to be certified to use an IR camera anywhere.

Certification is simply a school stating you have achieved a certain level of education or training. It gives you no legal standing (especially when none is required). It does not make you an expert, no matter what school you attend.

Certification does not mean “licensed”. License means that a gov’t body has given you permission to operate within their jurisdiction.

BTW… there is no license required to use and IR camera either.


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The course is “certified” (Self Certified).

You will not be a “Certified Thermographer” so don’t advertise that you are.

There are “Certified Thermographer’s” in the world, but none here…

If U advertise that you are Certified, it is the same as claiming your have a PhD.
IAW ASTNT Certification is written testimony of qualification. Your course may be certified, but you are not.

BINDT certifies in PCN and ASNT offers Level III Thermographer Certification in NDT and PdM.

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All one needs to do is stay an InterNACHI member, because we provide the training and certification supports successful home inspection businesses.

Please visit http://www.nachi.org/ir.htm

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Ben this course free now? Do you get the same logo as if you was to sit in John’s class?

Please visit http://www.nachi.org/ir.htm, and the requirements for designation and logo use are listed there.

Yes I know those requirements but my question was asking is the Johns course free now? Does this 3 hour video equate to his course? Is it free for members?

I think I would be a little more interested in whether or not the course provided adequate training than some logo to plaster on a website.

There’s a lot of stuff on the Internet that’s free that we used to have to pay for.

John still charges (a reduced rate this month) for that same information…

Get on his mailing list!

No, our IR class is not free. The 3 hr video class does not take the place for a more intense thermography class (12 hours IR required - see last condition)

Our IR class is 16 hrs and much more intense.

No, our live 16 hour IR class is not the same information as the 3 hour video class.
The 3 hour video class Ben is speaking of is a good primer and will help new students.

I have completed both level I and level II Thermography. Is there a challenge test or do I still have to take the course?

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Just a few more courses to go.

I’m here. Getting my camera in the morning…

35:02 into the video shows a “wet spot” near the closet flange. The toilet appears winterized or empty. Is this correct?

Just took the video course and yes, the toilet is empty.

Is there any way of looking at the missed questions on the test (with selected answers)…I believe some need some tweeking. One question asks T or F for air leakage out of a register in the FLOOR. The register is in the CEILING. Is this a trick question or a mistake?

Hi, Bradley.

The question was a review of whether the image was of the floor or ceiling.

In compliance with federal and state standards, our international distance education policy does not allow us to disclose to students which questions were incorrectly answered. We can not provide the correct answers for missed questions either. The exam draws upon a larger pool of questions, so that each time you take the exam, you will not have the same exact questions provided. So, even if you did have the answers, it wouldn’t matter. You may take the online exam as many times as you like without penalty.

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