Insane $1,000 cash PRO-LAB Super Bowl XLII Contest. Place your guesses now!

Winner gets:

Here is how to win (you have to know a bit about football to win this one, and you’ll need a calculator):

Pick the winner of the Super Bowl. Winner of this contest must first correctly guess the winning team of the Super Bowl.

Then pick a number based on this formula. Whoever guesses closest (may be under or over) out of those who correctly guessed the winning team wins the contest. Freak ties will be broken by the earliest to post or edit. Winner must post the winning team guess, and formula total guess.

The formula: Total number of points scored in the game + total number of first downs made + total number of passing yards + total number of rushing yards + total number of yards penalized + total number of sacks + total number of turnovers + total number of interceptions = ?

You can place your guess (1 per member) right up until the kick off of the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb 3, 2008 and edit your post right up until kick off, but again, there is a slight advantage to posting first in terms of freak tie breaking.

Best of luck.

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Giants 777

Patriots 1070



Nick I cant keep track of all these contests.


Nyg 888

Patriots …690
Roy Cooke

Patriots 907

And remember do your own formulas :wink:


pats 1003

Patriots… 1001

Giants 675

Formula… I thought an interception was a turnover. Just fine tuning my WAG :wink:

Robert writes

And a square is a rectangle. But a rectangle isn’t necessarily a square.

Have you ever ran for a public office? :wink:


Giants, 701

Pats 957

pats 580

Giants 1127:)