Insect or Rot damage?

Hey all, inspecting a property today and I discovered the damage shown in attached photos around the garage entry door. I did not notice any other signs of WDI activity in or around the home, but there does appear to be small exit holes in the wood visible. Does this look like WDI damage or just rot damage to you all? As always, any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated!

pic 1 looks like rot, pic 2 & 3 looks like a dog tried to scratch its way out of the garage.


Looks like rot (rusted something in picture) and something burrowing in or out of the garage.

Who cares how or what did it, just word your narrative accordingly to cover all the bases and move on.

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Termite vs isolated water damage, big difference. However, don’t guess if you’re not 100% certain.

Dry rot and rodents is my guess.

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Wood Decaying Fungi damage.
I really don’t see any true exit holes, although there are beetles that will infest damaged wood like that to farm the fungi for nourishment.
Most of the cellulose in damaged areas will be gone, meaning termites will not be attracted to it.
State Lic Termite Operator #2446 :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks Marc!

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Insect damage typically produces frass (powder). This appears to be decay, but as others have pointed out, you don’t have to identify the source of damage, and shouldn’t unless you are sure.

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